Thursday, December 19, 2013

Children for Children 2013

We held the 7th Annual Children for Children Concert a few days ago. And it was the best yet!

Every year, I have to sort of psych myself up to take on this big event in the midst of everything else going on during the holidays. This year, I wondered whether the concert was more stress than it was worth. But when I asked the kids about it, they looked at me like I was a crazy person to even suggest that it wasn't an absolutely necessary part of Christmas. They said the orphans we always donate to are depending on us and that we really need to raise money for research for kids like their cousin Lucy who are going blind. The concert was a "must" in their minds. So we moved forward. And I realized my kids are really old enough now to take on more of the work involved in putting on the concert.

This year, I tried to leave the concert more fully up to the kids and relinquish some of my control-freak tendencies. And it worked. The kids really stepped up to the task (for the most part - there was just a touch of nagging here and there, I'll admit). Ashton, Isaac and Eliza put together a little committee involving some neighbors, divided up what needed to be done. I told them I was there to help with anything they needed and offered them some pointers here and there. But really, the kids did most everything. And they were pretty darn excited and proud of their efforts and accomplishments. On the night of the concert, I sat there on the front row, just watching and enjoying and letting them do things their way without being so quick to jump in and help. They were able to roll with the inevitable small glitches and things came together nicely in the end.

We had about a hundred wonderful people show up to watch lots of cute kids perform individual and group acts and then put on a short Nativity play at the end. Ashton welcomed everyone, Eliza announced all the numbers and was in charge of the angels in the Nativity. Isaac was the back stage manager and facilities organizer plus he managed the shepherds. And the whole committee worked together on set up and clean up and key parts of the Nativity. Everyone who attended was so supportive and encouraging and there was a beautiful spirit of giving and good will going on.

Kids on the program did everything from reciting poetry to dancing to lip synching to doing karate to playing violin. And everyone agreed that this year's Nativity was the best ever - tons of kids participated and we had a real Baby Jesus (some friends' beautiful 2-week old baby who was quiet and sweet and perfect).

(excuse the blurry photos but here's a glimpse...)


We raised about $500 which will be matched by the Eyrealm Foundation for a total of about $1000. We'll be able to give about $500 to One Heart Bulgaria and $500 to BBS blindness research. The kids get SO excited to open the donation box and count up all the money they earned to give to needy children.

And most importantly, the kids and their friends had a chance to do something really meaningful for other people and experience the true joy of empathy and giving this Christmas.

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shawni said...

This is FABULOUS Saren! That's so much hard work! Please thank your kids from all the BBS kids who will benefit from this! Love you!

Catherine Faux said...

What a great idea! Also, this is kind of random, but my brother served his mission in Bulgaria. Did you know him? His name is Adam Green. Just think that would be fun.

Eyrealm said...

Loved this as always!

Lady Lilith said...

Nice. I like how you took the play and turned it into a fundraiser. I am sure the children learned a lot. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Allyson said...

Love it!


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