Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This Year's Heart Attack

For Family Home Evening on Monday, we did our Heart Attack. And as always, it was great seeing the very nice things that everyone wrote about everyone else. Plus this year, everyone was able to sit down and write all their own stuff without any help at all. Pretty exciting when your traditions become so much less work for the parents and more meaningful for the kids as they get older and the traditions are well-established!

Here are a few glimpses:

I love this heart Eliza made for the whole family. Best Family Forever.

Here's our now-festive kitchen (and we'll keep adding hearts as we think of more things in the next couple days)
 (So yeah, it turns out we were a little low on construction paper and totally out of red, pink and purple so we had to improvise and use the backs of notes that came home from school on colored paper. But hey, it worked out fine.

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