Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Something Super Exciting

Have you missed me?

I spent the past week in Bali with Jared, my parents, my siblings and their spouses. Plus one new baby nephew.

It was beyond wonderful.

I'll write all about it soon and post more photos than you probably really care about. But if you're anxious to take a peek at our trip right now, you can check out a bunch of photos from me and my siblings if you follow me in Instagram (I'm sarenloosli) and click on #eyrealmbaliadventure2014 in any of my posts (I'm still sort of figuring out Instagram but I think that'll work!).

But today I need to write about something super exciting that April and I have been working on for ages and that launched and grew big and wonderful yesterday, just as I got off our string of long, long long flights back from the other side of the world.

Our new book just came out.

It's a compilation of our most popular Power of Moms posts from the past couple of years - posts that have been read and enjoyed by over 2 million moms already via our website - posts that are now gathered conveniently into one lovely book full of inspiration and empowerment for moms.

And thanks to the powerful and beautiful writing of the authors of the book and the efforts of our fabulous book team of over 300 great mom volunteers who want to help champion the cause of deliberate motherhood through this book, the book reached #1 on Amazon yesterday (in the category of Motherhood). Here's a screen shot:

And it appeared as #1 in the "Movers and Shakers" category. Here's a screen shot from Amazon's best-seller's page - you can see our book on the right under "Movers and Shakers."

Pretty cool, huh?

Getting high rankings on Amazon is very exciting and is wonderful step towards getting this important inspirational book into the hands of the many, many moms who need it while helping the world see that motherhood really really matters to a whole lot of people. It's also a step towards getting this book on the NYTimes bestseller list - something that is within our reach if we can the book sales going at a steady and increasing rate. Book sales are down a bit today so we've got to get them back up there!

This is where you step in.

Do you want an amazing book on motherhood? Wouldn't a book like this make a great gift for yourself and all the moms you know? If so, NOW is the time to buy the book so you can help us get to the NYTimes Bestseller list and thereby help way more moms find this important book while helping the world sit up and pay attention to our cause of deliberate motherhood. The topics of books that rank high on best-seller lists become topics that are talked about big-time in the larger world. And isn't it time more people thought more about the power and beauty of motherhood?

You know I don't usually say much about stuff you might want to buy on this blog. I'm so NOT a sales person. But this is important. And this is timely. And I don't want you to miss out.

The book is offered at a special price right now ($12.74) PLUS we're offering a special package of great items to everyone who purchases the book by THIS SATURDAY. 

Learn more about the book and the prizes by clicking the link below and reading over the reviews I cut and pasted from Amazon. And PLEASE pass this page along to all the moms you know who might enjoy a great book and some great bonus prizes. If you can simply share the link below on Facebook or send an email to people you know or write a blog post or whatever, that'd be just wonderful.


REVIEWS OF THE BOOK (from nearly 100 reviews posted on Amazon.com):
"I have to say this book has changed me. It has changed my attitude towards my mothering, children and family. It has stuck with me in my everyday mothering things like changing diapers and doing laundry. The positive force it has brought into my days has left me feeling so grateful to have read this book! It is perfect for me I can read a lot in one sitting or bits and pieces here and there and still get inspired to do better or to be more real as a mother. Highly recommend this book no matter what stage of mothering you are in!"

"What a refreshing read for mothers! This book is full of positive, uplifting messages that energize me and fill me with hope at becoming the deliberate mother I strive to be. If you are looking for something to inspire and encourage you rather than leaving you feel guilty as a mother, this is the book for you. Would make a great gift for an expectant mother too!"

"I love that this book challenges moms to break through the stereotypes and define—for ourselves—what a "good mother" is. In this modern culture of online interaction, it's become so easy to tear each other down rather than build up, encourage and support. This book empowers the mother to become "her" best self... the type of mother she truly wants to be, rather than what society expects her to be. "

"I LOVE this book for right on my nightstand where I can refer to it in the morning, at night and those times when I lock myself in my room because my kids are driving me bonkers. It helps me have an amazing perspective, find solutions to those challenging difficulties my kids throw at me and calms me to know that other mothers have experienced the same thing I have. I wanted to just read one essay at a time so I could fully soak in the feeling and ideas expressed, but I found myself turning page after page, swimming in a sea of positive, inspiring messages about motherhood. Luckily, I can reread it slowly the next time through. Anyone who has children should read this book!"

Click HERE to read more reviews (there are about a hundred)

Thanks for caring enough to read this. And thanks for helping spread the word about this book if it feels like a good thing for you to do!

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cheryl cardall said...

It's so exciting! I'm hosting a giveaway of the book on my blog, but also encouraging people to buy it.


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