Wednesday, May 07, 2014

General Conference - and a surprise appearance in the Ensign

Last month, we had the priviledge to attend a session of General Conference in person. It was just wonderful to be there as a family and to feel the beautiful spirit that comes when you're in massive auditorium full of 20,000 other people who love the Lord and are excited to hear from church leaders. It was beautiful to see the excitement of our children about the whole thing as General Conference was really brought to life for them.


After the session, we checked out the amazing flowers at Temple Square.

As we took pictures of the flowers and took in their beauty, Ashton asked if we could get together for a photo. Shocked at this first-ever group-photo request from Ashton, I said sure and gathered people together. Then Ashton pointed at a guy with a camera who'd asked him if he'd get his family together for a photo and we all smiled for the picture. We didn't think much of it at the time - just went back to admiring flowers.

Then a friend told me I should check out page 37 in the conference Ensign:

The kids were so excited!


valerie said...

That's funny - as soon as I get that conference issue I always scan ALL the pictures to see if I recognize someone. I haven't gotten our yet - so SPOILER ALERT! ;) It's a great picture too!

Brooke said...

What a great picture! It's so fun that all your kids are old enough to go to the Conference Center for General Conference. We'll get there someday. Getting tickets will be a different issue.

Ontario said...

This is so funny! I was just scanning my conference issue to choose a visiting teaching message when I saw your picture. I immediately got online to tell you, and this was the first blog post I saw. It's a great family picture, and such a fun story! Maybe when my kids are a little older we'll attempt going to the conference center too. :)

Brittons of Provo said...

Oops…my last comment was with my husbands login.

jill said...

I was so excited to see you in there! It was a great picture and I loved that Ashton was smiling (he has a great smile). How fun!!

Eyrealm said...

Such a surprise and so fun to see all these beatufiul pictures, the most wonderful of course is that terrific family in the Ensign!

Jessica Beebout said...

HI I'm new and was looking for inspiration for raising boys. We're on baby #5...I was randomly clicking and believe I was meant to come to your page because our situations are so much alike. I am one of seven but was mainly raised with my three older brothers. I also loved them and loved being a part of whatever scheme they put together! But also assumed I would have mainly girls. I had twins first, by chance. I hope that one would be a girl but am so glad they are both boys. Boys definitely need the comradery. Then I had a daughter. She is definitely her own person and is very loved by her brothers but is a girly girl. I had my fourth last december and am expecting #5 in Oct. We were really hoping for girl for my daughter's sake but are pretty sure it's a boy. Reading your article was motivating that the girls do survive in a family of boys. Thanks for all the encouragement in raising boys and embracing their "boyness" it definitely can be a challenge at times when balls are constantly flying through the house and things are getting broke or tore apart.
Thanks, Jessica


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