Thursday, July 03, 2014

June Overview - Mostly in Photos

Instagram makes it so easy to just post along the way as we go about our summer - so that's mostly how I've been recording what we've been up to. My goal is to do a blog post a week here, then post an Instagram collage with a link every so often so that the day-to-day happenings can be easily accessed through this blog and directly through Instagram.

Here's the latest collage Instagram made of all the photos I've been posting there (click HERE to get details on any of these photos and check out more photos of our latest adventures.)

June was a good month. I've enjoyed lots of great hikes, bike rides, reading, day trips, etc with these fun kids of mine and we've had some great times with family and friends. Power of Moms is humming along pretty nicely with just a couple hours a day of work from me (as I've learned to let some things wait and let other things go in the interest of really enjoying my kids and staying sane - for the most part . . .).

The kids have generally done a pretty good job on their goals and "must-do's" (the twins made this podcast with me about goals HERE - love hearing them explain how it all works). I have to keep reminding myself that they're kids and they have a long way to go when it comes to will-power and stick-to-it-iveness when they get off track and when they seem to find it so difficult to do the list of things that I give them that seems so short and simple to me (what looks like a mole-hill to me can sure look like a mountain to them...). They may not be getting everything done that they're supposed to do each day, but they're definitely getting more useful and productive and meaningful stuff done than they would be if there weren't any goals or "must-do's" going on.

I got some projects done around the house. We got a lot done (I'm finally putting a finish coat on all our doors that were stained but never varnished - it's a big job but wow, the doors sure look good when they're done! And I've been doing some re-painting of the windowsills I just painted last year - grrrrr - I used the wrong type of putty and now I have to scrape down and repaint after just a few months!)

And now, after a couple days of laundry and cleaning and sorting and packing, we're heading up to Jared's home town for the 4th of July and the weekend then we head straight on to Bear Lake. Let the summer travels and time with relatives begin!
And happy 4th of July!

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