Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Beauty at Bear Lake 2014

Beauty is a big part of our Bear Lake experience this year. And we spend a fair amount of time talking about beauty and admiring it together.

Most evenings involve watching the sunset together:

I'm finally sorting through photos from Bear Lake and Ashton helped me put together some of our favorite captures of the true beauty we experienced this summer. Ashton took some of the best ones. He's developed quite an eye for photography.

Here are some favorite sunsets - unfiltered phone photos:

The water is so beautiful - and so many different colors, so often so glassy:

I love the sky - sometimes thick with luminous clouds, sometimes full off puffy white cotton-ball clouds, sometimes amazingly blue and cloud-free.

Look at that blue blue blue sky on a windy perfect-for-kites afternoon:

There are always some beautiful storms that come through at Bear Lake - they bring out amazing colors:

I love how the water gets so shimmery in the late afternoon:

And the slanted night just before evening makes everything so pretty:

The sand is beautiful too:

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Kathryn said...

Beautiful "beauty" post, Saren!


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