Saturday, November 08, 2014

Winner of "Thankful Heart" Book

Thanks so much for all the great comments and Thanksgiving ideas on that last post! I loved gathering new ideas for our Thanksgiving traditions and just hearing about what other people do. And I have to say it was really nice to just hear from people. I throw all this stuff out there and see that thousands of people spend time on this blog - but not many people comment. Fun to feel like this blog is a two-way conversation sometimes.

Ok, We have a winner of my parents' beautiful book, The Thankful Heart. Drum roll please....... And the winner is Jill!

Jill, please email me at saren(at)powerofmoms(dot)com and let me know your mailing address. We'll have your free book sent right out to you!

Here's Jill's comment (just to help you know who you are in case there's more than one Jill who entered):
jill said...
We started this tradition six years ago this Thanskgiving and it is still our favorite. During the Thanksgiving dinner, I keep strips of colored paper by my plate, though everyone could have a few at their spot just as easily. As we go through the meal we write down things we are grateful for on each strip. At the end of dinner we make a paper chain with them to hang up as part of our Christmas decorations. Then each day after thanksgiving, as we count down to Christmas, we take off a chain and read the listed item and discuss (again) why the writer wrote it and why we're each thankful for that one thing. It's a month of thankfulness in a season where it's so easy to be selfish.

Check out all the great ideas for thanksgiving traditions in the comments on this post. And if you didn't win the book, you can get your own on Amazon here (great price right now - it's a really nice hard back book with lots of photos - beautiful gift to give and/or a perfect book to bring out and put on your coffee table every Thanksgiving!).

And please join the Power of Moms Thanksgiving photo contest! There aren't tons of entries so far so you have a good chance of winning! Simply put up photos of things you're grateful for on Instagram and tag them with #gratutidepowerofmoms and @powerofmoms. Then the week of Thanksgiving, we'll pick FIVE winners who'll each receive a Power of Moms program up to $100 in value. To see what you might get to pick as a prize, here are all our Power of Moms programs.

I've been posting my gratitude photos every day and it's really helping me to think about what I love in my life each day. I'd love to see and hear about what you're thankful for through this contest!


charity said...

great new header, sar!

jill said...

Thank you, Saren! I just emailed you my address. What a wonderful Tuesday night surprise. :)


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