Monday, February 09, 2015

Update and Valentine's Ideas

Have you missed me? I've been keeping up really well on Instagram if you want to follow me there. My username is sarenloosli (clever, huh?). When it comes to recording all the little things - fun stuff the kids are doing, regular bits of my life that I want to remember, beauty that makes my heart happy, Instagram is just such a nice, immediate, easy way to do it. When I want to record my thoughts and feelings about things, this blog is the place to do it (as long as those thought and feelings aren't too personal to me or others they might involve - that stuff gets written down elsewhere as I process it...).

But I did want to share this post I updated from a couple years back - it contains a collection of really great ideas for simple and fun family activities and I think you'll like it:

7 Family Activities to Fill February with Love

Here's a collage of the latest stuff around here:

Click here to see explanations in the captions and a lot more photos.


bjahlstrom said...

Hi Saren! This is the "cookie store" gal from the other evening. It was so nice to meet you in person! I've been reading your blog for a long time...back when you guys were living in St. George...and I always enjoy what you write. Thanks again!

Saren Loosli said...

When I saw you at Ruby Snap, I didn't put your name together with "bjahlstrom" - if I had I'd have been even more excited to meet you as you've left such nice comments for so many years! I sure have appreciated your comments and you seem like such a great person and mom. I hope we can meet again one day.

bjahlstrom said...

I really hope so too! If you are interested, I would love to invite you to my blog so you can have a quick peek at my family. You can email me at Have a wonderful day!


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