Monday, April 27, 2015

Heard from Charity

Just got this note from Charity and Ian:

hey guys,
we just got to wifi after having crossed thorong la pass this morning. going through emails and seeing news has left us stunned - with the outpouring of love and concern for us and with shock about this awful disaster. we were resting on the side of a mountain a couple of days ago when the quake hit. we felt the ground moving and it was scary for about 3 seconds, and then we just thought it was kind of cool that we felt a baby earthquake in the himalayas. we felt a couple of even smaller aftershocks when we got to the camps where we slept over the next couple of days. a fellow trekker with a radio told us it was quite serious in kathmandu, but it was business as usual at the guesthouses where we stayed and along the trail. we had an incredible ascent to the pass this morning under perfectly blue skies, surrounded in spectacular mountains. it's just hitting us now what a huge deal this is. thank you so so much for all your concern and prayers. we are certain they helped to keep us safe and sound. we are totally healthy and safe and everything is normal here in the little town of mukinath. we are trying to figure out if we can fly to pokhara and then kathmandu (our original plan) and if we will be able to link up with the church or another organization to help with rebuilding. looks like the airport is back open so we will be able to make it out of nepal, but we may stay if we find an opportunity to help. we left a bunch of our luggage at our hotel in kathmandu, and we have no idea of it is still standing. we would love to go back there and try to help if we can. please keep sending prayers to nepal. these are such beautiful people, and this is so tragic.

we were soooo excited to hear about the safe arrival of baby dean when we connected with mom and dad on the phone as soon as we crossed the pass and got reception. life is so fragile and beautiful and we are so blessed to have this new healthy beautiful baby in our family!!

will send updates when we can. thank you so much for your love concern and prayers. we love you all very very much.


SO glad to hear directly from her and to know that she's safe! But so sad that so many others are not. Thanks to Charity and Ian's being in Nepal, I have sure felt extra empathy for the victims of this quake and have felt extra love for my family and extra gratitude for the simple blessings of my daily life - safety, a strong house to live in, daily food and water in abundance, so many comforts that many people in Nepal never had, even before this recent devestation that has made situations so much worse for so many.


anna said...

So glad they are safe! See you Friday.

Ludlows said...

What wonderful news and great examples to try and stay to help rebuild even while on vacation! Thank you for sharing your great news. Good luck this weekend at the Power of Moms Conference. I hope to be able to attend one someday.

Kirty Singh said...

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