Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Gratitude Day 2 & 3: Beauty and Safety

I posted this to Instagram yesterday as my gratitude post for the day:

The deep, rich colors of late fall have filled my heart with joy. I love how leaves, in the very act of dying, become amazingly beautiful. And I just love fall - especially days like Monday when it's crisp but not cold and the overcast skies make the colors really pop. I went for a run on Monday and it was just so beautiful and perfect.

For the past few days, I've been thinking so much about the huge blessing of safety that I enjoy so that's what I want to focus on for my gratitude post today. On Sunday, we decided as a family to fast for the refugees who've left their homeland of Syria to find safety. On Sunday, we watched these YouTube clips (and a lot more - but these were some of the ones we liked the best) to learn more about the whole thing:

We've talked a lot the past few days about how blessed we are to feel safe in our country, to be able to sleep at night in our own comfy beds rather than sleeping on the streets while traveling to find asylum or in a tent in a refugee camp, hoping to have a roof over our heads again some day.

How blessed I am that I've never known war and have always felt safe.


bjahlstrom said...

I love that you're posting again! I always like to read what you are thinking about, and this particular post made me think. Thank you.

bostonshumways said...

Sar, you are so awesome. I'm going to watch those videos with the kids tonight. Love how you help your kids understand the world.


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