Friday, May 06, 2016

Mother's Day Angst

Oh, Mother's Day... one of those days that is supposed to be so meaningful that it carries all sorts of stress. I always want to honor my mom so deeply and meaningfully but after over 40 years of doing stuff for her for Mother's Day, it's hard to come up with something fresh every year. And while I try not to expect much of my husband and kids, I can't help but hope that they'll do something nice but I don't want to get my expectations up...Sound familiar to anyone else?

Here's a post I wrote a while back and just polished up and re-published on Power of Moms that helped me to get my mind in the right place - and maybe it will be helpful to you.

Mother's Day with Less Stress and More Meaning

And here's a great one by my sister Saydi that helped me as I was thinking through this whole Mother's Day thing.

What I Really Want for Mother's Day

And this one is my favorite post about the angst that Mother's Day can bring on:

Readers' Favorite Mother's Day Memories

I was asked to speak in church on Mother's Day. The topic is modern-day revelation on Motherhood so all week I've been meaning to spend serious time exploring conference talks on Motherhood but instead I've been spending serious time researching property law and codes. But I'm excited to really delve into the great insights that I can find on motherhood as I get going on searching conference talks. Anyone have any favorite talks I should be sure to look at?

Fence update: This morning, we sent off a very polite and carefully-worded letter to the neighbors explaining the situation from our point of view and stating that we're happy to take responsibility for moving/replacing the section of fence that most needs to be moved/replaced right away and then work together for a longer-term plan/timeline for moving the rest of the fence to the property line. Fingers crossed we can resolve this amicably and get the fence in a place that everyone feels good about!

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