Thursday, March 27, 2008

Little Details on Little People

Eliza's really into playing this little "would you rather..." game - several times a day, she comes up with a new question. In the car today she asked: "Would you rather stay in the dark for 1000 years or go to a party where all the treats were made of mud and you had to eat them?" She comes up with some pretty interesting stuff. Her other favorite "game" is to say stuff like "you can't see my hands, right? Do you think I have anything in my hands?" Then you have to make a random guess and she's really really excited if it turns out that you're right! She's been bringing up lately how different moms do different things as well as being a mom and the other day she asked me what I do when I'm sitting at the computer. I explained that I do this blog sometimes and I do a lot of emails to help people know how to do good Joy Schools. Then today, Liza told me today that Frizzle's mom (Frizzle is her imaginary friend) is "just a regular mom who teaches Joy School but she needs some ideas so I've been paying a lot of attention at Joy School so that I can email her some ideas about how to teach better - isn't that nice of me?" Oh, this girl of mine is such a fun one!

The twins have really really great days - sometimes a few in a row. Yesterday they were angels and I was so in love with them. We had a wonderful time at the park and they stayed right by me and we fed the ducks and had a lovely little picnic and I was basking in the end of a long era of always being totally stressed out when I was in a public place with always at least one rambunctious and danger-seeking toddler in tow. But they also still have their really bad days - like today. Today they repeatedly tore all the pillows off the couch, turned a simple walk down to the mailbox into a stressful and crazy long trip full of danger and anger and trying to run after two kids going in different directions, sought out and ate all the leftover Easter candy in one fell swoop, wouldn't go down for naps, whined incessantly about EVERYTHING, ran out of the classroom and into the adjoining parking lot repeatedly and announced they had to "go potty" many times while I was supposed to be teaching the lesson in Eliza's pre-K class (luckily another mom pitched in and did a great job), and ran around and out of the church like wild monkeys during Ashton's Pinewood Derby tonight. There's no real rhyme or reason to their behavior - you just never know what sort of day you'll get with these little guys. But in general, they're doing much much better and I guess I should just expect some bad days and be glad the good ones are outnumbering the bad!

Silas has become very polite lately. He's always saying "excuse me" when we wants to say something - finally, one of my kids is getting this! He's been a good example to the older kids. And rather than saying "yeah" like most kids do, he always says "yes" with an emphasis on the "s" - very cute. Oliver has become very particular. He simply MUST sit on the same stool at each meal and the other kids, who really don't care, have been very nice to make sure and save that stool for him most of the time. He HAS to sit in the carseat in the back of the car and freaks out if Silas takes that spot. He's really mellow and easy-going about most things and quite flexible in general, happy to listen to an explanation and change his mind about most things. But he's got a few things he really must have - and we can respect that!

So there are a couple things about these three little people who I spend SO much time with that I didn't want to forget. I love getting to know them more and more and they have such fun little personalities. After a crazy day like today, I can still say that I wouldn't trade the chance to be their mom for the world.


shawni said...

I miss those little people!

Allison said...

Oh wow! I don't know if you'll remember me, but we were in the Santa Clara Ward together while Aaron was in Chiropractic school! After he graduated we moved back to Washington where we were in a ward with Shelli Shwendiman. She moved shortly after we moved in, but recently found my blog through another mutual friend. When I visited her blog I saw your name!! What a joy to see your beautiful family and read about the similar adventures we moms share! I remember Hilary Erickson telling me that you were pregnant with twins. They must be 2 1/2 or 3 by now??? I would love to keep in touch by checking in on your blog every so often. Please feel free to visit ours, too! www(dot)alliwash(dot)blogspot(dot)com

Allison Chan

Eyrealm said...

Love it Saren...and know exactly what you mean having just been with you! You're going to survive those kids yet! Just keep reminding yourself how absolutely adorable they are! Thanks for dinner and a great time with the kids this week! The Pinewood Derby brought back SO many memories! And you should all know that Ashton came in first amongst the Cub Scouts and won two of four heats. We loved the new "system" with exact times for each car announced by a computer. Wow, who would have thought???

Brittani Mae Eyre Mitchell said...

It's so fun to hear about your twins since they're the same age as Emerson. Silas and Emerson seem to have a lot in common. Emerson went through a phase where he didn't even say yes or no, only "I do," "it's not," "I am" and such. I wish we could get them together!


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