Monday, March 10, 2008

Good Times

It's official. The twins are potty trained. We're going on 5 days now with no accidents and life is GREAT. We've had kids in diapers continuously for over 8 years now and the prospect of a life without diapers is delightful. After two pretty gruesome weeks of devoting almost every waking moment to this endeavor and enduring dozens of accidents a day (and the resulting gross clean-ups) and engaging in more begging and bribery than I ever imagined was part of good parenting, something finally clicked and these guys have really got it. The first day they were clean and dry all day we had a pizza party and the second day we made cookies and the third day we did "Eyre Fire" cheers again and again at Ollie and Si's insistence. To top it all off we're headed out tomorrow morning on a big fat celebration trip to San Diego. Well, the trip's not totally due to the potty training but it's spring break so everyone's out of school and we all just really need some fun family time so Jared's working late tonight to tie up a million loose ends at work and I've been doing laundry and packing and trying to keep things fun for the kids all day and we're headed out first thing tomorrow. Yeah! The kids are SO excited and so are we. This is how we're going to look first thing in the morning!
Here are a few photos of what's been going on lately with us.
Here we are hiking last weekend - did this great 3 hour hike that starts off right from our house. You can sort of see Ashton's crazy teeth and shaggy long hair (he insists he must let it keep growing and I really haven't had the time to get it cut anyway) if you enlarge this photo but here's a close up of one of the best looking sets of teeth you'll see:
After helping Ollie and Si get their underwear and pants off and on about 100 times a day, they've finally started doing it for themselves - and as this picture shows, getting your underwear on the right way can be challenging:
We had Dr Suess week this week at school and I loved reading Horton Hears a Who to Isaac's class (one of my favorite books). Here are the boys on crazy hair day. I offered to do Ashton's hair in pig tails for him since it's so long but he declined.
And last, here are the twins doing their favorite thing - drinking smoothies. They are so excited about their "moothie" (as they call it) that they have to drink fast and that always leads to a serious mustache. How cute are these wonderful potty trained boys of ours?


shawni said...

Congrats, Sar. No diapers is HUGE. I can't wait to hear about Sea World and other San Diego adventures. Love you.

Sleepless In St. George said...

So excited Ollie and Si are potty trained. Just loves those two sad they took me out of nursery. I have enjoyed reading your blog. You have such great insight! Love the pictures of the kids at the "ball" for Eliza's party! Easton just loves her, but won't admit it! You are doing a great job as my visiting teacher. Lets plan on getting some sitters together and go out on a double date....I know my boys would love to play with yours!


Eyrealm said...

WOW! I've been watching for new blog entries but my google thing didn't show this! I knew you had finally won on the potty training but to see it in writing is cause for celebration even from long distance! Even better than finally getting all our plumbing working after all this time! This is such a MAJOR event for you guys. No more diapers after 8 years! Whew!

What an adorable bunch of kids! Dad and I were laughing our heads off looking at those great snaggle teeth and the great rear (?) view of one of the the potty boys! FUN!
Love you! Mom(and Dad)


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