Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jared's First Complete Triathalon and Father's Day

Jared finished his first triathalon. We're all so proud of him! This is the fourth triathalon he's tried to do - on the first one he tried to do (a year ago now), he missed the turn-around for the bike ride and did the olympic distance by accident - so by the time he got back from that LONG bike ride, the whole event was pretty much over so he didn't bother doing the run. Then at the Kokapelli Triathlon, there was a huge storm and just as he was about to jump in the water, they cancelled the whole thing. Then at the St George Triathlon, there was more bad weather so they cancelled the swim but Jared did the bike ride and the running. Last weekend, at the Utah Summer Games Triathlon, the stars were alligned, the weather was perfect, the turn-around spots were obvious and Jared completed all three parts of the triathalon and did really well. We were all there to cheer for him and it was a great day! Jared finished the swimming without drowning (which was his main goal on that part) and did his best-ever times for running and biking - made up some time on that to compensate for the swimming and ended up doing pretty darn well in his division. What a guy! It was a fun pre-fathers day activity to head out there and cheer for him and the kids were so excited to make signs and do a lot of cheering. Go Jared!!!!

Jared got some of his father's day presents early - going flying with the kids the weekend before and having us all come cheer him on for the triathalon. But we saved some fun stuff for Father's Day itself. We all worked hard to shower Jared with at least a portion of the adoration, appreciation and love he deserves as the best dad ever. The kids made cute, thoughtful cards and helped make a grand breakfast and dinner for their Dad. I made a slide show of Jared doing fun stuff with the kids reaching back 5 years or so (as long back as we have digital photos) and it was fun to remember all the great times he's shown to me and the kids. We threw in a few gifts and the kids were really cute to Jared all day. One of his favorite parts was when Liza sang him his favorite Jack Johnson song that she decided to memorize for him - nice touch, little girl. What a marvelous, fun, adventurous, brave, patient, smart, handsome, talented guy I married. What a lucky mother I am to have Jared for my partner in parenting. What blessed kids we have to have Jared as their father!
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Sleepless In St. George said...

Easton had a great time at the camp...gotta love his pirate patch to cover his black eye. Congrats to Jared! We'll miss you this coming month!


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