Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sweet Babies and Interesting Conversations

Ollie and Si - 3 days old
At Costco yesterday I saw a girl with some little twins - two infant car seats crammed into her shopping cart, two sweet sleeping baby boys in the car seats. I just had to talk to her for a while and hear her story. Meeting her and seeing those little guys took me back big time and made me yearn to hold my tiny little babies again - but also made me so very grateful that the twins have passed through so many hard stages and become such fun little guys now. The twins really couldn't be more fun or more sweet these days. They are so eager to help, so eager to please and so darn cute with their bright blue eyes, their white hair and brown bodies, and their deep baby voices saying the funniest things. Eliza and both twins decided they wanted to try waterskiing when we went out to San Hollow with Jo and family for FHE this week and Jared was pleased as punch that they had that desire. Even after Eliza screamed her head off after her quick try, the little guys were still determined to give it a shot. They probably could have actually skiied it but their little feet just couldn't keep the skis on. They both hung onto the rope for dear life after immediately popping out of the skis and ended up dragging through the water for a while. But after a quick cry, they thought the whole things was great. According to Si: "The skis fell off my widdle wegs so I went down down down in the BIG water!" No fear in these boys! You should see them jumping into the pool with a gleeful yelp and then swimming all over the place on their own. They're swimmers through and through now - remind me of little puppies the way they swim.
Sand Hollow Sunset last Monday night

Just a little sound-bite of the stuff I hear in the car as I drive the kids around:
Ashton: Did you know there was once a feathered dinosaur? It wasn't a bird, it just had feathers. I know because scientists found a feather that got trapped in the dirt and became like a fossil.
Isaac: Do you think there are dinosaurs in outer space?
Ashton: Actually, I can think of a way to get a dinosaur into outer space - but it would be really complicated and really expensive. I'd have to buy a space shuttle which would be really really expensive and then I'd have to find a mosquito that drank dinosaur blood long long ago and then got frozen in sap for about a million years. Then using that blood in the mosquito, I'd clone a dinosaur and then I'd take it on my shuttle into outer space and then there would be dinosaurs in outer space.

Oh, the interesting conversations they have! All the kids say so many interesting, clever or weird things each day - I always mean to write more of them down. Got to work on that!

We're taking off next Tuesday for a month - Ashton, ID to see the Looslis and go to Jared's 15-year high school reunion then on to Bear Lake to be with my family there (Jared will have to go back and forth as he manages his business where there's never a dull moment. I'm doing laundry like crazy and trying to get lots of Joy School stuff taken care of before we go. We're all getting excited!


shawni said...

Oh what a gorgeous sunset! And cute kids too. Can't wait to see them so soon. I can't believe the little guys tried to ski!

mom said...

Wow, these kids are growing like weeds! Sure great to hear all these great stories. How amazing that they are all getting so old!
Love you,

Ashton said...

I just re-read this dinasaur story and can't believe how hysterical it is! It's so Ashton. What in the world is that kids going to become? FUNNY!


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