Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking here - this was the first time we've let the twins stay up and participate and they were so cute about it. With 7 people, we can put on a Nativity with a pretty complete cast! All the kids were so excited to dress up and use only candles for light so we could all imagine that we'd gone back in time to Jesus' day. We ate foods from the time of Christ as we discussed the journey Mary and Joseph (Liza and Oliver) were about to make to Bethlehem and Ashton stepped in as Mary's know-it-all big brother to explain a lot of the whys and hows of the events around Jesus' birth. I love seeing everyone in the candlelight in their Nativity garb and imagining together what events and feelings must have surrounded that Holy Night so long ago. So it was all quite holy and lovely - when it wasn't crazy and chaotic!

We finished the evening with new PJs for everyone and tucked some very excited kids into their beds and Jared and I actually retired before midnight - now that's a first!

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