Saturday, December 20, 2008

Children for Children and Joy School Nativity

The finale of the concert - everyone who participated was in a Nativity scene
starring Ashton as the narrator, Isaac as Joseph, Liza as the angel
(who insisted on saying her part just as written in the Bible) and Ollie and Si as shepherds

On December 15th, we did our "2nd Annual Children for Children Concert" to raise money for orphans in Bulgaria (I went there on my mission and work with a non-profit that helps provide for destitute orphans there). The kids and their friends (with some help from me and two of my young women from church) practiced and prepared a nativity play, some Christmas songs played on chimes and some individual musical numbers to present to family and friends and we asked attendees to make a donation in the amount of their choice to help provide for the orphans. We raised $550 and that will go a long way to help so many sweet little orphans that I've personally met and held and that need so much! Our kids were SO excited as we counted up the money and we're all so happy to think of those little orphans having much more of what they need thanks to generous children and their generous friends and relatives.
We packed the downstairs with every chair we could find and filled them up!

Then a couple days later, Ollie and Si and their little Joy School friends put on a great little Nativity play for their parents. The kids really got into it, even though they're a really young group. Check out these cute pictures:

Asia and Oliver as Mary and Joseph (Baby Monkey as Jesus)

Silas (Shepherd), Asia (Mary), Georgia (Angel), Oliver (Joseph), Samuel (Wise Man)

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shawni said...

Looks like such a grreat turn out...I'm so glad it went well.


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