Monday, December 22, 2008


This is what I saw out my window when I woke up last Thursday morning.We woke up to a winter wonderland! After packing the lunches and loading up the kids, I called my friend to offer to pick up her little girl and found out that school was canceled. Snow day! Who would have guessed this would ever happen in St George! The kids played in them snow for hours - built snowmen and snow forts and sledded down the empty lot on a snow/ice/mud sledding run. What a fun day!

Check out Isaac's bread-bag boots and new smile with his newly lost tooth!

All over St George, front yards were sporting new snowmen and there was a sense of wonder and joy in the air. It's especially easy to love snow when it comes so seldom, doesn't really settle on roads or walkways, and doesn't last long!


Eyrealm said...

FUN! This will be good practice for the the REAL snow at Baliwood! We have a few boots and coats and very few kids'snowpants (lots for adults) so bring whatever you have. Jonah and I are scouring the DIs in the area for more snow supplies! Sure looks fun!

shawni said...

Awesome Sar. Wish we were there to build a snowman with you!!


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