Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quick Update

So April (my Power of Moms partner) wrote a wonderful article about how it's so easy to compare ourselves to everyone else on Pinterest and Facebook and blogs - and how that can be demoralizing. She talked about how we need to realize that our kids need us to be who we really are - not who the world seems to be telling us we ought to be. 

And her article has hit a major chord out there. In the last couple days, we've had almost 600,000 hits (yep, you read the number right) on our website. Wow. After working day in and day out for the past 4 years to create great stuff for moms and spread the word about our site, April's great article got forwarded again and again and seriously went viral. Yeah!  I hope this will mean that 1000's more moms will be able to enjoy all that Power of Moms has to offer.

Here's the article if you'd like to check it out. April is one of my all-time favorite writers.

The only problem is that the website keeps crashing with all this new traffic but luckily, our fabulous webmaster, Jared, has been able to get things fixed up and running nicely (between cable car rides and  museum visits - we're in San Francisco with our kids for Spring Break and for the Power of Moms Retreat here this weekend). 

We had a great Easter weekend. We drove all day Friday. Spent Saturday with my sister Charity visiting the gorgeous craggy coast and Redwood groves of Big Sur. We loved the amazing Easter program Charity was in at her church in Palo Alto (she was totally the star of show with her beautiful flute playing and it was fun to take the kids to a singles' ward like the one where Jared and I met - wow, it's quiet at a ward with no kids...). Then we enjoyed Easter dinner at Jared's sister Kathryn and brother-in-law MJ's lovely home in Oakland.  Since then we've been visiting all our old favorite places in San Francisco and seeing some great friends. 

I've got tons of great pictures of our adventures and will post them when I get a minute. After all our kids were born here, the Bay Area will always be home in many ways and we're having a great time.


Felicity said...

WOW! 600,000! That is incredible and so exciting for Power of Moms! Loved the article and hope you have lots of new mums sign up to be apart of the wonderful community you and April have worked so hard to build!! xo

valerie said...

I was going to email you Saren! That little article went around my whole neighborhood here in kansas city. It started with a mom I didn't even know was following Power of Moms! How cool is that? So fun. She posted it to her facebook account and our neighbors loved it! Way to go ladies!!!

LP said...

You hit "The Parent Watercooler" on pinterest!

It was a perfectly timed article. Even my husband read it and said AMEN!!!! :)

Rachael Patterson said...

The article was wonderful and so needed in today's world.

Eyrealm said...

We are over the moon about this here! It's a blessing that POMs deserves!

SupaFlowaPowa said...

so pumped that you guys went viral, about time! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hello Saren! I live in a little community in Prince Edward Island Canada. Last week, a friend forwarded April's essay to me as a link through Facebook. I read it and connected immediately with the message of your Power of Moms website. I am so glad I found this wonderful resource for mothers. Thank you for all the hard work you all did these last four years! What a gift you have given us all! God bless!


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