Friday, April 20, 2012

The Future of Krawnchie Boo

I'll post the rest of my great photos from spring break soon. I really will. I know you're holding your breath and all. It's been a crazy few days with unpacking and laundry and catching up on like 1000 Power of Moms details and exciting new opportunities - my rear end and back are killing me from all the time I've spent sitting at this computer. But the main thing on my mind is our beautiful and empty St George house.

The search for new occupants for Krawnchie Boo (the name the kids gave our beloved house in St George) continues and it's so heavy on my mind. We've got some rental prospects but selling would just be so much cleaner and nicer! I know it's a hard time for the housing market and there are a lot of houses and not a whole lot of people looking at them right now. But come on! Our house is by far the best price per square foot in the area, the views are unrivaled, the design and materials involve tons of quality, thought, and uniqueness, and we were able to build it for a great deal thanks to my brother who's a builder and got us good prices on everything - which means we can sell it at a really excellent price.

We need to get it sold or seal the deal on some great renters so we can stop worrying about it all the time. And it would do our hearts good to see another family enjoying all that it has to offer - amazing trails outside the back door, gorgeous community swimming pool, great theater room, you name it...

Know anyone who wants a great house in St George? I know this is pretty unrelated to the sorts of things I usually post about but I really need a little help here. We're negotiable on price and we're open to renting or selling. We just want to get good old Krawnchie in the right hands NOW. Here's a whole blog about the house with lots of photos. Pass it along to anyone who might be interested!


Anonymous said...

Hi Saren,

If we were moving to St. George, I'd snap this up in a minute! You and your husband did an amazing job and everything is in such good taste--it's truly a beautiful home and I love the name your kids made up for it:)!!

I think we've all experienced similiar situations--things that need resolution and closure and the stress that comes while waiting.

Though I can't buy your house, I can do something even better! I am committing to you and your family to pray everyday about this until a sale or rental occurs. I will also be praying that you and Jared have peace about it.

I encourage everyone out there to join me in this prayer commitment.

It will all work out, it always does.

Much Love,


chibbylick said...

Great Idea Natalie, I'm in.

Anonymous said...
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