Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Favorite toys, games and books?

Last November, I put together all my favorite toys, games and books into an Amazon Store at The Power of Moms. Since then, moms from all over the world have sent in other great ideas that I've added to the store. So if you're looking for tried-and-true gift ideas, here's a link that might really help:

Power of Moms Amazon Store

Sneak peek:
Our favorite family games this year (all can be found quickly and easily at the link above):

  • Blink (you can play a round in about 2 minutes and it's great for all ages)
  • Ticket to Ride (really gets you thinking and strategizing - kids love it - you get to build trains! ages 7 and up)
  • New World Carrcassone (quick turns and all my kids really enjoy it - engages my brain too...)
  • Reverse Charades (FAVORITE game at family reunions and when we get together with friends)
  • Pass the Pigs (this fun, silly game is great for just our family or a larger group - no skill required, all luck)

Our favorite read-aloud chapter books this year:

  • The Magician's Elephant (beautiful book - just finished reading it to the kids - great chances to talk about the importance of love and family and many other great themes)
  • Miss Spitfire (all about Helen Keller from the point of view of her amazing teacher, Annie Sullivan)
  • The Midwife's Apprentice (really made us grateful for all we've got in this day and age!)
  • Hunger Games (Jared read the first book aloud to the older kids so they could really talk about it while reading it - then we saw the movie together)

Our favorite toys this year:

  • K'nex and Legos (about 100,000 creations were made by Oliver and Silas this year using these toys we've had for years and years now)
  • Madame Alexander Dolls (Eliza never tires of her dolls and their different outfits - these dolls are very cute and much much cheaper than American Girl dolls)
  • Rip stick (Isaac has put many many miles on his rip stick, riding it to and from school many days
  • Roller blades (Ashton rode his roller blades to and from school every day until very recently - he's GOOD on those things! Oliver and Silas are working hard to master their too-big hand-me-down roller blades)
  • Scooters and bikes (the kids are out there on their scooters and bikes riding up and down the driveway and up and down the street every chance they get. plus we've done a lot of family bike rides this year)
  • Origami and Paper Airplanes (the kids have done tons of origami and built some amazing paper airplanes this year - can't get enough of it. Great Origami and paper airplane books/sets are in the Amazon Store)

What are your family's favorite books, toys and games? I bet you've got some great ideas of things we should add to the store. If so, please make a comment on this post below or enter your suggestions HERE.


kms said...

Besides the things you mentioned and things of particular interest to the individual child I love the creativity for kids recycled dollhouse. It's a craft, you even use the box it comes in as part of the toy. My nieces spend hours coloring the house, furniture and then it's there just to play with. Very nice whether the child is into creating things or imaginative dollhouse play. Usually in the $20 range on amazon. Stomp rocket jr. About $10. Uses air and foot power, no batteries. Shots about 25 feet in the air, need a big backyard or take to the park. The rockets are foam and there are replacement packs you can buy. Biliba. It's like a big plastic bowl for kids starting at age 2. Wonderful to spin in, can stand on it, use it as a hat. Often fought over toy.

Josh said...

Love The Magician's Elephant. I've read it several times over the last few years to my classes.


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