Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Good Times

Here are some good times that I haven't gotten around to blogging about in the past month:

Grandfather's Birthday 

Jumping in the leaves for Grandfather/Dad's birthday (more on that on my birthday post for my dad HERE).

General Conference

This is pretty late but here's what the kids did while watching General Conference a month ago:
(LOVE this magnetic "fractiles")
Eliza took about 15 full pages of notes while watching conference - I kid you not. She's the most avid conference-watcher ever. Love this girl and her deep desire to choose the right and learn all she can.
I think this was the sum-total of Isaac's conference notes. Ashton took sparse but quite insightful notes on his phone. I love that my kids are so different from each other.

Crazy Hair Day at School

Ashton also did his hair crazy this day (he must have been getting something upstairs when I took this photo - seems he's always forgetting something upstairs and making us late...) but when he got to school he realized it actually wasn't crazy hair day at his school - it was hat day. So he quickly made himself a hat out of newspaper and used that to cover his crazy hair and all was well.


Ashton took care of the twins while Isaac, Eliza, Jared and I ran the school 5K on a freezing but lovely day a couple weeks ago. Most runners were dressed up and they had zombies and witches jumping out at us during the run which added some excitement. Liza ran with me (and gave me a good excuse to go slow) and Isaac ran with Jared (and beat him).  Isaac took 2nd place for the intermediate school, Eliza took 2nd place for the elementary school and Jared took first place for the adults. I'm so proud of them!

I'm still running three miles three times a week. I'm still sort of slow (10 minute miles work great for me). I'm still not totally loving my runs sometimes while I'm doing them but I always feel great at the end. I love being out in nature and watching the seasons change.

Here's how my running path looks these days:

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Eyrealm said...

Loved seeing all this! Congrats on all that running. Go Looslis!


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