Friday, April 04, 2008

The Best Kids

Oh, I've got some cute kids. Liza's downstairs doing "preschool" for the twins - I can here her calling out again and again "OK guys, 1,2,3 Bolo!" - with the twins joining in with an enthusiastic "Bolo" each time - no clue what it means but it's pretty cute to hear their little voices. Eliza took them on a "field trip" a few minutes ago and had them following behind her like little ducks all over the house. I love seeing these three together - when they're in the mood to be together, that is - which luckily for me is quite often these days.

I woke up this morning to my usual alarm clock - at about 7:30 every morning, the twins come bursting into my room saying "It's waking time! The sun's awake! We need to go potty!" Then they hop up on our bed and give hugs and it's pretty darn cute. This morning they spiced it up a bit by wearing a batman mask and a fireman hat for their grand entrance. Oh, I love these wild little bundles of cuteness so much!

Ollie's got this "Stevie Wonder" way of moving his head around when he's thinking of music in his head - which is quite often. He loves music - and he's quite particular in his taste. If a song he really likes finishes in the car, he lets out a huge wail and insists it be repeated. If some lame song (according to him) comes on - he really needs things to be switched up. Si has this new thing he does where he scrunches up his eyes with a huge smile and shrugs his shoulders a few times whenever he's not quite sure what to say or when he wants to be cute - and it's always a heart-melter. The other day Jo was over here and we were talking about the ongoing horrible saga of the problems at the house he built and Si somehow felt Jo's sadness and went over to give him a big hug of his own accord. Cutest little guy. Ollie's been into coming up and hugging me and saying "I wove you, mommy" here and there and it makes me so happy. There's NOTHING like a pair of little arms around your neck! After their naps each afternoon, both Ollie and Si like to sit on my lap and get a long snuggle. I totally look forward to seeing them come out of their room after naps with smiles on their cute little sleepy faces, heading for me for some snuggles. They usually wake up one by one which is great so that I get a little individual time with each of them.

One other funny thing about the twins that I don't want to forget - the other day we were making cookies and when I cracked an egg into the bowl, they both exclaimed "a baby bird!" Well, not exactly, thank goodness! Their favorite book lately is "Are You My Mother" with a baby bird coming out of an egg at first so I guess they have that on their minds. They say something funny and cute many times a day and I should record more of it.

There are still plenty of messes and fights and naughtiness going on with these little boys of mine and they can still drive me pretty crazy but wow, am I ever grateful for them!


Sleepless In St. George said...

you've gotta love those moments. that's why we are mothers. great perks!

Gav, Sarah, & kids said...

So it's Sunday between Conference sessions and I'm blog-browsing. April Cobb is a friend of mine (we were roommates in Jerusalem many moons ago), and Cherstyn Stockwell is a friend of hers. I met Cherstyn in DC once while visiting April. Anyway, I saw 'Saren & Jared Loosli' on Cherstyn's blog and though, "No way, that's Anziano Loosli!"

Five kids? Wowzers. You are a better woman than I, and I appreciate how 'real' you've kept it with some of your posts. Your kids are cute, and it looks like life is being good to all of you.

Please tell your husband hello from Sorella Weiland. And if he doesn't already know, another stake was recently created in Italy--the Verona Stake created from the Como and Trieste districts and Milan and Venice Stakes. Forza!

brittanimae said...

7:30?? You're SO lucky! The sun is coming up WAY too early in Canada these days. I go out about five times between 6-7:15 to tell the kids they have to go back to bed until mommy is ready to get up (although they tend not to actually do it). Always love your posts Saren.


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