Sunday, November 02, 2008


What a Halloween. The kids are all old enough this year to be really excited and we had a party or two for some member of our family every day for over a week! It seems like every year, Halloween becomes a bigger deal with the kids growing up and with Halloween becoming a bigger and bigger deal in general. I mean, they put the Halloween decorations and candy out in stores right alongside the back-to-school supplies these days!

We started our celebrations by hosting a really fun adults-only Halloween party last Friday night - I haven't laughed so hard in a long, long time. Then Jared's parents were here for a few days and they spoiled the kids with all sorts of fun treats and lots of great reading time. The twins like nothing better than sitting by their Grandma and having her read them book after book. Silas was particularly heartbroken when Grandma and Grandpa left. While they were here, we enjoyed the beauty of Snow Canyon Park, went to a concert celebrating the history of this area and had a great time carving pumpkins together.

The kids made it pretty easy with costumes this year - Ashton and Isaac wanted to be a ninja and a pirate again (Isaac upgrading from a basic pirate to a pirate captain this year) and Liza, surprise, surprise, wanted to be a princess and was thrilled to wear the Cinderella dress she got last year for her birthday. The twins were totally set on being Spiderman and Superman and were so cute about it! So despite my problem with finding a decent Spiderman costume (see last post), costumes easier than ever this year.

We had so much fun trick-or-treating as a family. We did 3 different neighborhoods where ward members live and got some pretty darn good loot while having an excellent time running from house to house in gorgeous warm weather. Can't beat St George on Halloween! As soon as we got home, the doorbell rang and we had our first (and only) trick-or-treaters who turned out to be Eli and Julie! The kids were so excited to show off their costumes and their candy and to hang out with two of their very favorite people. After finally tucking some very tired kids in bed, we finished off Halloween night with a nice time down at the pool and hot tub, soaking in the great weather and catching up with Eli, Julie, Jonah and Aja.

School Halloween Parade


Sleepless In St. George said...

we were so sad to miss out on the halloween party...camden asked me all day if we were going to trick-or-treat with Isaac.

Harts said...

all of your kids looked so great in their costumes. I love that you write about the things they say, they say the cutest things. Glad you had a good Halloween!

shawni said...

Cute costumes, and cute kids. Man I'm jealous E & Julie were there. I'm so sad we didn't get to finish our talk today. Love ya.


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