Monday, November 24, 2008

Interviews with Little Guys

Si just came over and sat by me while I was checking email so I started asking him some questions. Here's the result:

What's your favorite thing to do, Silas?
Getting on a skateboard - dat might make me feel better - but I don't want to get on a skateboard because it's little and it's moving SO I want to get on Santa Claus's deers. Yeah - that would be so fun because they can FWHY! You know that?
What's the best thing about being a Loosli?
Best thing about the Looslis is ME. I am me. Write an S on the computer for Silas and one O for Oliver, OK?
What else do you want to tell me?
You will get sick if you eat too much of Jonah's candy bars - so I don't eat any more candy. I'm wearing my boating shirt. (He's wearing his favorite shirt - got it for $1 - says "A vote today rocks tomorrow")
What is voting?
You go to a building and get a boating sticker. Where is that voting sticker you got, anyway?

Oliver comes over and asks, What are you doing?
Silas: I'm having a innerbue.
Oliver: I want one!
What did you do today, Ollie?
I was just playing the puzzle of Mickey Mouse and we went to the park with the bike.
What do we do at the park?
Ah, we pway and stuff. We pway on the swides with Samuel.
What's the best part of bike rides?
The wheels - I like the twailer's wheels.
What's the best thing about being Oliver?
Wew, the best part of me is my head and my eyes too - oh, and my hair because I wike it so much.
What do you like about me?
Wew, your head and your shoulders and your knees and stuff.
What's your favorite thing?
Bubbles. Now I'm going to dwaw a picture, OK? A picture of bubbles.

Silas comes and takes away the pen Ollie's holding and Ollie falls on the floor in protest, laying there face down, sprawled in a state of deep and silent depression for about 10 seconds. Then he jumps up and takes off after Silas to try to get the pen back. Sounds like they need a little help working it out. Oh, here they are, back at my elbows, friends again - don't know what happened to the pen but it seems immaterial now. Now Si is singing as he flies a paper airplane and Ollie's getting himself a drink of water.

Got to get dinner!


Jonah and Aja said...

the candy bar thing is so funny. they must've found where i hid them in the garage. i turned around while i was working in the small garage and one of those guys scampered out. i didn't know what he was up to. ana said he had SEVEN! out for that.

Sleepless In St. George said...

love those cute guys...they are getting so grown up!

Eyrealm said...

Wow, you just left here and I finally have a few minutes after the wildness of the last week to sit down and read this. I laughed so hard because you somehow write it exactly as they say it. They are SO funny! How fun to be intertained or 24/7...except when you're not!
Sure love you,

eyre blog said...

This is pretty cute. Thanks for recording it. See you in a few weeks.

Ashton said...



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