Thursday, October 03, 2013

Eliza's Campaign

Last year Eliza ran for school president. She did a great job on her posters and her speech. She didn't win but it was a great experience for her.

This year she decided to run for Historian (she observed that 15 people ran for president last year and only 4 ran for Historian plus she thought Historian would involve more specific duties that she really enjoys like taking pictures and writing).

She made cute posters and was really excited about them:

She did an excellent job on her speech, talked about a blog she wants to start where she'll post photos and write about school events so people don't have to wait until the yearbook for that sort of thing.

Her cute friends and her little brothers campaigned for her.

Everyone voted.

And she tied for first place for Historian with two other girls.

So they had to have everyone vote again.

And after waiting and waiting for a whole week, Eliza called me from school yesterday to tell me the great news. She won!


anna said...

Hooray for Eliza! Go make history!

Rachelle said...

Congrats! LOVE her cute poster!!

Camile said...

Three-way tie! Wow! Congratulations to Eliza - very cool!

charity said...

congrats eliza!!!


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