Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Carving 2013

What a pleasure it is to have kids old enough to completely carve their own pumpkins now! Jared helped a little with technicalities and I just took pictures and oohed and awed over their great creations. My hands stayed clean the whole time - no goopy pumpkin stuff to wash off after helping them clean out the "guts."

Here are the results: (Excuse the poor-quality photos - I had to use my phone since my real camera - which isn't that great anyway - was out of batteries - as always. But you get the idea.)

Ashton's Minecraft-inspired pumpkin:

Oliver's awesome pumpkin with lots of scars:

Silas's very toothy pumpkin (he wanted to show off his own gappy teeth for his picture with his pumpkin):

Eliza's very cute and happy pumpkin:

Isaac's huge and heavy pumpkin/gourd - someone brought all the produce from their garden to church last Sunday and Isaac was thrilled to find this huge warty thing. He carved faces on 4 sides.

Face #2

Face #3

Face #4

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Eyrealm said...

So fun to see what happened after we left, even though Dad did the prizes via the Internet.


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