Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scripture Challenge Week 13: It's OK to Tarry - and a GREAT video to watch with our daughters

I wasn't the best about scriptures this week. I was SO tired every night - recovery from a Retreat always seems to take at least a week as I try to catch up on family time and work while trying to catch up on sleep (mutually exclusive goals, it seems). But I did read a few verses every day except one. And here's what really stood out to me:

In Alma 8 it talks about how Alma was sent to teach the wicked people of Ammonihah and was met by Amulek who'd been prompted to take Alma in. Alma tarried with Amulek for "many days" and waited for the Lord to tell him it was time to get going on missionary work. This made me think about how it's really OK to tarry a while. It's OK to not be busy every minute doing some action related to driving thoughtful goals forward. It's good to spend time on personal development, on relationships, and even on relaxing and just having fun. It's important to move things forward and to do what we feel called to do and what is needed by our families. But it's also important to realize that there's a time and a place for tarrying, for waiting on the Lord, for preparing, for relaxing. I know this but I needed this reminder.

As Eliza and I sat down to watch a conference talk today (Eliza keeps reminding me that there are a couple of talks that we missed watching as a family we finally sat down to catch up), we saw this new video pop up on the site and we fell in love with it. Watching it gave me chills and made me so extra grateful for the knowledge that I am a daughter of God and that I'm part of a worldwide sisterhood of diverse and wonderful women who are making a huge impact in so many important ways. I was so glad I got to watch this with my daughter so she could feel the power of being a Mormon woman.

It was fun to see my sister Shawni in this video as well as my dear friend Deborah with some of the Bulgarian orphans (I was actually in Bulgaria with Deborah when that photo was taken!). Those little extra-personal connections made this all the more powerful for me and Eliza.


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