Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Snapshot of Gratitude

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and lots of Thanksgiving posts and podcasts to create for Power of Moms, I've sure been counting my blessings a lot.

We're starting a new tradition of creating a "snapshot of gratitude" each year (and April and I made this podcast all about it). The snapshot of gratitude involves capturing some of the top things that make me happy and grateful on one paper each year and having my kids do the same (well, they can choose whether to write out their stuff or say it and I'll record it - this way I get to record their voices each year as well as their best friends, favorite foods, favorite memories, favorite places and all that). By doing this every year at Thanksgiving, we'll be heightening the gratitude we all feel plus creating an ongoing "snapshot" of what we love each year that can be a key part of our personal and family history.

Here's the form I made (and you can download your own form here if you want one - could be a nice thing to do before or after Thanksgiving dinner. . . ):

And here's my list for this year (just what came to mind when I took a 1/2 hour to do this - of course I can now think of things that perhaps should have been on the list ahead of what did make the list but that's OK - it's not meant to be totally comprehensive, it's just a "snapshot":

And I have to add that I'm SOOOOO grateful for health given the long hard road I've watched my cousin and his family endure with their sweet daughter Cami's cancer this past few months (and the long hard road they endured a couple years ago when she first got cancer and then thought she'd beat it for good). And I'm SOOOOO grateful for miracles - they were able to locate a super rare bone marrow match for Cami and the stranger whose bone marrow just happened to match Cami's very generously agreed to give her some of his marrow. Cami's body has accepted the marrow and now she's on the beautiful (but long) road to recovery!

Check out this beautiful post Channel 2 did about Cami:

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